Welcome to #QuestionTheWeb Launch

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Scott Kublin

Kickoff Day. Launch Day.  Interesting how the metaphor of motion permeates learning. We have always seen learning as a form of progress.

 Where I have not seen as much progress in learning in student sourcing skills. They do not evaluate nor integrates sources they read. I believe this begins with the Web. Students now turn to the web as their primary information source but this presents new socially complex texts that require self-programmable learners.

I want us to build a community that explores the issue of credibility in our networked world.

Our First Event

We will begin with a soft launch and make sure everyone gets connected. Your task is to share a link to your blog and write a post explaining why you are here.

Other Ways to Connect

Use the hashtag #QuestionTheWeb on Twitter.

Feel free to shout @jgmac1106 on Twitter.

Use the class forum.


I really do not have any but I believe in this learning model. We will connect and reflect around a critical issue of interest. Then we will connect this learning to the classroom. Hopefully many of these same classrooms will be able to connect.

Finally you will return and reflect on your learning using student artifacts as evidence. Doing this learning in the open helps us model the competencies we seek to teach.