Credibility Markers

CC BY-NC-SA Karen Eliot. Question Mark.

Everyone Fakes It Online

In this activity we identify common markers of credibility by examining satire, in other words, fake websites.

Curated by Greg McVerry

Steps for the Activity

Visit three of the following websites. Think about how the author came across as credible. How did the creators come off as experts? What design decisions make the website seem credible?

  1. Site A: Dog Island
  2. Site B: Computer Tan
  3. Site C: Dehydrated Water
  4. Site D: The Ova Privum Foundation
  5. Site E: Gmail Tap

While reading the websites keep a list of markers of credibility the website creators used to convince us their hoax website is real.

Now type up and share your list. It is up to you how you want to share the lsit: on social media, a class website, or a blog post. Your final list should seek to answer the question: How should I judge the credibility of authors online?