Online Content Construction

Learning Outcomes

    • I can identity and use html tags to structure a website.
    • I can remix existing content while switching modes.
    • I can deliver an ignite talk with image fueled slides.


Reading Images: Multimodality, Representation and New Media

Gunther Kress

“I wish to point to what I see as the central issues in the linked shifts in representation and dissemination: that is, from the constellation of mode of writing and medium of book / page, to the constellation of mode of image and medium of screen.”

Construction and/or Creation of Online Content

W. Ian O’Byrne

“As educators, we need to take a closer look at what online reading is all about and think about how we can help our students not only navigate with comprehension but also understand the underlying structure of this world.”


For Future Learning: Not-required, but hey he is running for President.

Remix: Making Art and Commerce in the Hybrid Economy

Lawrence Lessig

“I then want to spotlight the damage we’re not thinking enough about—the harm to a generation from rendering criminal what comes naturally to them. What does it do to them? What do they then do to us? I answer these questions by drawing a map of the change in what we could call cultures of creativity.”

Learning Activities

Blog Posts
-Each week post twice to your blog. One post is an analysis of the reading. The second is your own choice of topics.

Make One: Create a biography page using Thimble:

Post a link to your make to our class stream.

Make Two: Remix a photo

Use your remixed photo on your biography page.

Make Three: Deliver an ignite talk in class.

We will present our talks November.