Online Collaborative Inquiry


I can provide feedback to peers using a class created rubric.

I draw conclusions by finding patterns in spreadsheets.

I contribute to and craft collaborative essays.

I remix what I read into new stuff you enjoy.


Connected Learning Alliance. (2011). How New Digital Media and the Internet are Fueling an Innovative Surge in Communication, Creativity and Collaboration.

Ellis, K., Rosenfeld, L., Borovy, A. E., Keely, D., Painter, S., & Sutherland, K. (2011). Big thinkers: Sasha Barab on new-media engagement.

Jenkins, H. (2009). Confronting the challenges of participatory culture: Media education for the 21st century. MIT Press.(pages x1-27).

Derosa, R. (2015). Working in/at public. Hybrid Pedagogy. Retrieved from:


  • Complete two blog posts per week. The first– an analysis on the reading. The second a reflection on your use of digital texts and tools for collaboration.

Due date: Complete four posts across the module. Make a schedule. Stick to it.

  • Analyze, lurk, or participate in a Twitter chat. You may choose to participate, watch live, or analyze a transcript.

Due date: Post an analysis on your blog by 2/27 This can count as one of your four posts.

  • Post replies to the content people share. Start up conversations about what your peers write. Trust me, it adds both skill and joy to your writing.

Due date: Early and often.

  • Hang out in the class stream. I need to see social engagement around the content

Performance Assessment: Collaborative Essays

Form a writing group in class (minimum of three members). As a group you will write an essay analyzing a learning community. You will use the values and design principles of #ConnectedLearning as an analytical lens.

Due Date: Roster and Timeline of deliverables: 2/22
Completed essay by 2/27.

Assignment Description:

Check out the second edition of our newsletter for a better description of the assignments.