Learning, Agency, and Activism

Learning Outcomes

By the time you’re done with this module, you should have a better handle on…

  • Identify criteria of effective screencasting.
  • Evaluate screencasts
  • Create a screencast to teach the class something.


Ruffini, M. (2012). Screencasting for Engaged Learning. http://www.educause.edu/ero/article/screencasting-engage-learning

Rheingold, H. (2010). Shelly Terrell: Global Netweaver, Curator, PLN Builder. http://dmlcentral.net/blog/howard-rheingold/shelly-terrell-global-netweaver-curator-pln-builder
Ollis, T. (2008). The’accidental activist’: learning, embodiment and action. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 48(2), 316.

Learning Activities

Read the assigned readings. Post two blog posts. Evaluate the posts of your peers.
Initial Post Due. Comments on your peers by . Evaluation by .
Find three examples of screencasts: a good, a better, and a best. Share them on Google+ and justify your choice.
Post by
Post a short screencast to teach your classmates something. (Hint: Do not be afraid of live video).
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