About This Class

  • Online Collaborative Inquiry A group of local or global learners who arrive at a common outcome via multiple pathways of knowledge.
  • Online Content Construction-A process by which students construct and redesign knowledge by actively encoding and decoding meaning through the use of ever shifting multimodal tools
  • Online Reading Comprehension The skills, strategies, practices, and dispositions students need to locate, evaluate, and synthesize information during problem based inquiry tasks.

This course will be organized around three frameworks: online collaborative inquiry, online content construction, and online reading comprehension. This course will begin with an overview of the  history of literacy practices. We will then explore the development of a variety of digital texts and tools.  Next we will focus on how this media has shifted the ways we encode and decode meaning on the world.

These three frameworks make up the online research and media skills model. This model builds on the broader perspective of Web Literacy by adding alignment with expectations of the Common Core State Standards.

Hybrid Doesn’t Look the Same For Everyone

This class builds on the ideas of Hybrid Pedagogy as a tool of agency for the learner.  You will be able to develop the learning pathways in this class while meeting all the requirements for a technology fluency class. This does mean you need to take active control of your own learning in the class. I will work with you to develop a workflow that meets your unique needs.

The Workflow

The class is organized into modules. We will complete each module over a period of two weeks.

  • Reading Each module contains a series of readings (books, research, videos) You will read and annotate the assigned texts.

  • Writing You will write two posts on your personal blog each week. You will post a link along with a short summary to the class stream. You will complete a series of activities each week and share what you do on the class stream as well.

  • Participate We will interact each other to create a culture of learning. It is expected you comment and review the work of your peers. There will be no minimum requirement. If you want to learn and do well help build our community.