Making Meaning


  • Use text based discussions to support the classroom.
  • Compare methods of text based discussions.
  • Analyze instructional routines for improving comprehension.
  • Evaluate efficacy of focusing on content knowledge versus strategy instruction.


All Students: Duke, N., Pearson, D., Strachan, S., & Billman, A. (2011). Essential elements of fostering and teaching reading comprehension. What research has to say about reading instruction, 51-93.

Certification Students: Beck, I., & McKeown, M. (2001). Text talk: Capturing the benefits of read-aloud experiences for young children. The Reading Teacher, 55, 10-20.

Masters’ Students: Gee, J.P. (2004). Situated Language and Learning. A Critique of Traditional Schooling. Chapters four through six.


  • Publish two posts to your blog based on the readings.
  • Respond to the prompts posted by this weeks leaders.
  • Masters: Choose one of the two topics below to debate. Use additional research and the readings provided for evidence to support your claims.
    • Should we level books?
    • Strategy Instruction or Content Knowledge?
  • Certification: Find three videos of comprehension strategy instruction. Identify the common components of a mini-lesson and critique the instruction.