Leaving the LMS for RSS


The first topic in the #QuestionTheWeb professional development series doesn’t refer to the the evaluation of websites.

Instead we first focus on using RSS and blogs in the classroom. Please join us tonight as Troy Hicks leads a discussion on teaching with RSS

The talk will be tonight at 8:00 pm EST 1 AM UTC.

We will discuss the trips and tricks of teaching with RSS.

Why Teach with RSS

I first left the LMS behind and explored using Google Apps as a free LMS (still a viable option for GAFE schools) but still felt constrained. I wanted to take greater advantage of open learning.

So I stole from the #ds106 and #ccourses model. Why do I even need to try and manage learning when my goal is to facilitate a community.

By encouraging students to create their own space for online learning you prepare them for a furture whil baking in the ideals of the Open Web.

It is a push and syndication model of instruction. You students post their own content in a place they (or the school controls) and that information is syndicated back to you using RSS. The user can decide if they want to push the same content out on social media.

Blogs, RSS, and #QuestionTheWeb

We will use blogging and RSS as are primary tool for co-learning and sharing. In fact your only make this cycle is to write and share a post about  “why” you are here using this form (so I can build the feed).




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