Learning Challenge for Annotating the Web 1

This week we will be exploring tools for annotating the web and developing a list of credibility markers


  1. Choose the annotation tool you will explore with your class
  2. Sign up and install the tool of your choice.
  3. Go annotate

Using Hypothesi.is go to this link: http://rt.com/news/176828-world-water-crisis-2040

If you are using Genius to to this link: genius.it/rt.com/news/176828-world-water-crisis-2040

  1. Develop a codebook we will use (This will be the topic of our Hangout and our Twitter chat) that is focused on annotating for credibility. For example make a tag for author, bias, claims, evidence, etc.

  2. Share your codebook and experience on your blog.

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