Hacking Credibility Through Remix

In our first two make cycles we focused on workflow. We learned how to set up openly networked classrooms using RSS. In the next cycle we all chipped in and created a codebook to use as we annotate for credibility. We now transition to practicing the same activities the students […]

Learning Challenge for Annotating the Web

This week we will be exploring tools for annotating the web and developing a list of credibility markers Steps Choose the annotation tool you will explore with your class Sign up and install the tool of your choice. Go annotate Using go to this link: If you are […]

Leaving the LMS for RSS

UPDATED WITH LINKS FROM THE SHOW: The first topic in the #QuestionTheWeb professional development series doesn’t refer to the the evaluation of websites. Instead we first focus on using RSS and blogs in the classroom. Please join us tonight as Troy Hicks leads a discussion on teaching with RSS The […]

Welcome to #QuestionTheWeb Launch

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Scott Kublin Kickoff Day. Launch Day.  Interesting how the metaphor of motion permeates learning. We have always seen learning as a form of progress.  Where I have not seen as much progress in learning in student sourcing skills. They do […]