Credibility: Maker

Credibility: Maker

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This badge is issued to those who demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate information found on the web. The online world contains a confounding mix of facts, opinions, advertising, hidden agendas and pranks. Sharpening your misinformation detector can help you identify credible content on the web, and reminds you to approach certain web sites with a dose of skepticism.


Make or write something that demonstrates an understanding of one or more of the following:

  • researching the authorship and ownership of websites and their content
  • comparing information from a number of sources to judge their trustworthiness
  • discriminating between ‘original’ and derivative web content
  • making judgments based on technical and design characteristics to assess the credibility of information

Submit a link to a blog post where you share your x-ray Goggle remixes. You can also include a reflection on teaching with x-ray Goggles.