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Remixing: Maker

Description: This badge is issued to those who can modify resources on the web to create something new. Remixing the ideas of others by adding your own spin can let you turn something old into something new, talk back to media, or stand on the shoulders of giants to make […]

Credibility: Maker

Description This badge is issued to those who demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate information found on the web. The online world contains a confounding mix of facts, opinions, advertising, hidden agendas and pranks. Sharpening your misinformation detector can help you identify credible content on the web, and reminds you […]

Annotate the Web

Description: An earner of this badge can use web tools to annotate the web. As a classroom teacher, the earner has demonstrated how open annotations can be used to support text based analysis and text based discourse. They have reflected on the evidence that student web annotations provide and have […]

Badge icon "Magnifying Glass (4585)" provided by SimpleScott, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

RSS Teacher

Description: An earner of this badge can successfully build a community of readers and writers using RSS feeds. They can set up blogs for students and curate those blogs using RSS. They use tagging features to organize posts and provide targeted feedback. Criteria To earn this badge a teacher must […]